Adult Baptisms

   Adult Baptisms are arranged through the annual RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) process and can be arranged by calling our Faith Formation Office at 412-794-4008.

Infant Baptisms

   Infant Baptisms are scheduled two Sundays every month.  Please call our Parish Office (412-794-4028) at least three months in advance to make arrangements.

Baptism Classes

   A Baptism class is required for the parents of the child who will be baptized. Classes are scheduled throughout the year at the various parishes in our cluster, Saint Irenaeus in Oakmont, Saint Joseph in Verona, and Saint Bartholomew, Saint Gerard Magella, and Saint Susanna in Penn Hills.  To register for a baptism class, please call our Parish Office at 412-794-4028.

Sponsor Certificates

   A sponsor certificate to be a godparent is obtained from the parish where the godparent is registered as a member.  Sponsor certificates can only be issued to Confirmed Catholics who are age sixteen or older, practice the Catholic faith, and are in good standing with the Church.