Music Ministries



Cantors perform a vital function for our musical liturgy. Their primary ministry is to sing the Responsorial Psalm and to lead the congregation in other acclamations and hymns. Occasionally, she or he will help the congregation learn and sing new hymns & responses. Based on a few significant factors, such as the song-leader's availability and frequency of volunteering, the cantor schedule is made.  We currently have 10 cantors in the rotation.  Click the following for recent assignments: Cantor Schedule.

Youth Contemporary Ensemble

Originating in 2003, this group led by Maria Killian is comprised of youth, and supportive adult musicians who have the motivation to serve the music ministry.  The selection of hymns reflect the youthful preferences of upbeat and contemplative spiritual style of song.  Beginning in mid-late September, the ensemble provides music about 6 to 8 times during the school year, primarily for the 11:00 Mass.  For several years, the talented youth have provided music for the 4:00pm Children's Christmas Eve liturgy. 

Adult Choir

The adult choir (grade 9 and up) sings primarily for the 11:00 Mass on Sunday, but offers their vocal ability for the vigil (4:30pm) Mass twice per year.  Repertoire spans a variety of music styles:  early church years, classical sacred music, ecumenical hymnody (from other Christian denominations), and contemporary compositions.  If you enjoy singing, and have time in your schedule to participate at least twice per month, please considering trying it out.  Attending practices are critical to learn new repertoire and to obtain musical synchronicity and accuracy of harmonies!

Bell Choir

Back in October 2006, 2 octaves of Malmark handbells were purchased from an organized fund raising campaign.  During the following year, 2 octaves of hand-chimes were acquired, which emit a different but pleasant sonority. There are up to 8 ringers that can perform on 2 octaves.  We are always seeking 1 or 2 more new ringers to train in learning the technique and reading rhythm.  The bell ensemble present music for 5 liturgies a year, and rehearse semi-monthly, or twice a month. Synchronicity with moving parts takes diligent practice, but the reward of hearing the gorgeous tone of a selection is priceless! 

La Voce

In the late 1990's, Mary Lear formed a female quintet in the parish that primarily sang for weddings in the local area.  The group, consisting of Mary, her daughter, Jennifer, Anne Dapra, and her daughters, Julie and Jamie, has sung for the Christmas Eve 7:00pm Mass for many years.  In the past 9 years, the vocal ensemble has sung on Easter Day, and the last few liturgies of the Sacrament of Confirmation.  The women are known for their exquisite harmony and have an impressive repertoire of music.  Consider this vocal ministry as the musical provider for a future wedding ceremony!  

Resurrection Choir

This choir sings at parish funerals, assisting the gathered congregation to pray in song.  Repertoire includes solemn hymns and a few chants, from some standard catholic hymnody to modern music.  Loved ones of the deceased appreciate the presence of the collective singers from the parish, who wear white shirts/suit coats to signify the new life given by Jesus' resurrection.  Funerals are various times during the week; they begin as early as 9:00am and as late as 1:00pm.