St. Irenaeus Preschool Home


  Our St. Irenaeus Preschool Director is Jill Hubert.  
  Her aide is Liz Morelli; our 3-year old teacher is Kelly Heakins.
  Jill, Liz and Kelly instruct the young children on the basic values of the Catholic faith, in addition to other skills.  The programs promote many facets of development:  social norms, language, motor ability, creativity & technological integration.
  The 2017-18 enrollment of our preschool is 32 students.  They are being guided through essential building blocks to receive a fulfilling education.
    Preschool hours:

        8:30am - 2:30pm


  2017-2018 Calendar

Preshoolers attending a Sunday Mass

 Address:  637 W. 4th St., Oakmont, PA  15139

   Phone:  412-828-3065, extension 103

   Office hours:  11:30 am - 2:30 pm 
   Barbara Pronio, our parish secretary or John Cupps, our Faith Formation assistant, will answer the front door and contact Jill if she is requested.


  Mission Statement:
  St. Irenaeus Preschool, in partnership with parish and family, fosters lifetime learning founded in Catholic faith. Through a creative, safe, and spiritual learning environment, we nurture the whole child.
 "Teach a child to choose the right path, and when he/she is older, he/she will remain upon it."    Proverbs 22:6